Free Live Training for MSPs

use our proven roadmap to hire your first salesperson without costly mistakes

Monday 5th August 2024 at 3 pm CST

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Here's what you can expect...

  • How to save your MSP's revenue from total dependence on you

  • The systems you need to install in your business before hiring your first salesperson

  • Who to hire first: make the right hire at the right time without expensive mistakes

  • How to manage and lead salespeople even if you've never done it before

  • 🎁 BONUS GIFTS if you show up live Our sales team readiness checklist, $250 in Amazon gift cards and Happy Hour with Chris (at our next live event)

A recording will also be provided

Hosted by...


Michelle Terpstra – Chief Revenue Officer, 7 Figure MSP™

Author of High-Performance Sales Habits, Michelle has a background in Fortune 500 sales. Since launching her consulting business she has taught +1000 business owners how to sell premium products by mastering sales skills and building sales teams from the ground up. She recently paused her business to be our Chief Revenue Officer and help us scale to 8 figures/year.


Chris Wiser – Founder & CEO, 7 Figure MSP™

Chris Wiser built his own MSP to 7 figures and sold it. Today, he's the founder and CEO of 7 Figure MSP™. Chris' methods have helped to create over 300 (and counting) 7-figure MSP businesses in just the past 2 years and with over 400 active coaching clients, this number is growing daily. His sales-first, cashflow creating strategies are unmatched in the current IT and MSP business landscape.